Darkroom Ltd. — Our Manifesto

Our mission to elevate brands through design and engineering.

Lucas J. DiPietrantonio

July 20, 2018

It’s my pleasure to introduce a project Jackson Corey and I have been working on for the past eight months. To offer some backstory, Jackson and I met through friends in Los Angeles and were quick to recognize a shared passion for design and product creation. We bonded over taste and have been collaborating since, in forms both physical and digital.

Over the past few years, Jackson and I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of digital agencies to bring our own concepts to life. We’ve felt the friction that arises when a firm is focused more on their own business than on us; it means churning out work as quickly as possible with little attention to the product’s overall design. Jackson and I reasoned there was a better solution, so we created Darkroom: a digital product agency specializing in brand empowerment, responsive websites, and mobile apps for content- and commerce-focused companies. By design, Darkroom is the beacon in the ocean for startups, firms, and artists looking to impact culture in meaningful ways.

We’re on a mission to grow companies with a triad of technology, marketing and design. In the end, we hope to better lives by creating meaningful brands, pleasant digital experiences, and—above all else—inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers.


Darkroom was started to fill a rift in the agency space. However, in working with our clients and roadmapping our future, we’ve come to desire more.

The long-term vision for Darkroom is vast and ambitious: it encompasses Darkroom Studios, the production wing led by Oliver Salk, an internal product incubator, and a growing investment fund for rising artists.

To accomplish this, we recognize the need to collaborate and learn from others along the way. Thus far, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best across a wide array of industries. Feel free to check out what's been keeping us busy these past eight months spent in the Darkroom. Through these, we’ve had to finetune a team of brilliant thinkers and doers; I’m confident we’ve laid a promising foundation led by capable and inspiring leaders. We invite those interested in design, engineering, and the creative arts to contact us freely if they’d like to join a diligent team of professionals bent on changing the digital landscape for the better.

I’m pleased to unveil our new website and am deeply excited for the path ahead.