Los Angeles

Re-introducing an internationally recognized producer.

Nicopop is a producer & DJ based in Los Angeles. His music has landed him on Billboard. For his most recent album, he was inspired by the over saturation of pop culture through social media. Our goal was to create a modern day interpretation of the “pop art” movement from the 1960s.

Yes, that’s a Zoolander reference.

We planned, styled, & directed Nicopop’s press photo shoot, used across streaming platforms & in print advertising.

Expanding the aesthetic.

As a part of our ongoing management, we create content, write brand voice, & plan marketing strategies for all nicopop social channels.

Preparation is key.

Posts are mapped out in a schedule that is based around release dates & major announcements.

The nicopop initiative arose out of nico’s own fascination with pop culture. Obsessed with over-saturated hues and reality TV binges, nico crafted an entire project centered around commenting on that which he surrounds himself with most. From worshiping celebrities to brainwashing fans, nicopop’s new project hits on all cultural touchpoints. Without disappointment, his first social media posts placed him in the middle of a feud with some of Hollywood's most prominent.