RISE Gibraltar

The complete revision of a monumental blockchain platform.

To support its omnichannel strategy, RISE received a brand new website to compliment its developer-focused marketing strategy. The website communicates RISE’s thoughtfulness towards blockchain, the environment, and the developers that make up the blockchain community.


Getting RISE in touch with its community of developers.

We targeted the current blockchain landscape with the release of a cross-channel advertising campaign tethered around a new website. Content flowed through Telegram, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other media platforms. Engagement spiked overnight.


Impression Increase



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The task at hand was to re-envision RISE, an ecosystem for developers powered by a delegated proof of stake blockchain, which offers a consensus algorithm that is more efficient and environmentally friendly than other platforms. The previous site of RISE, which was cluttered and unimaginative, stood in direct opposition with their mission. With this in mind, we created a site that communicated RISE’s approachable nature and inclusivity.