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As part of our internal incubator, we strategically designed the brand identity system and digital touchpoints for JetEngine, our white label, reliable outsource development agency

For tech startups (whether bootstrapped or venture-backed) looking for outsourced development, there are really only two options; either, choose an American or European firm and pay top dollar, or spend countless hours in search of a reliable overseas partner with the expectation of spending all of your time on quality control and language barriers. JetEngine was conceived to be the best of both worlds: English speaking account managers who provide quality assurance and internationally sourced engineering talent at competitive rates.

We started JetEngine to put an end to the information asymmetry that plagues the outsource development world. We’re providing entrepreneurs, other agencies, and technology companies with easy access to a top-notch development agency that's affordable, reliable, and trustworthy. JetEngine received a brand identity and digital product to display this accessible, reliable, yet innovative ethos, as well as ongoing growth marketing to drive user acquisition campaigns.

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The identity system features a graphic pattern that fits in any square grid format—implying endless evolution and motion of tech.


Scan, skim and jump right in.

Framing our narrative sessions is a rich media experience that offers users the ability to browse content at any depth they choose. Video and audio players follow the visitor around as they scroll so they can listen and watch content while they skim. ‘Jump to’ actions and a list of ‘Featured highlights’ allow you to click right to particular Key Moments within a session. Meanwhile, a full-screen media experience is almost always a click or two away for full immersion.


A brand guide defining the visual language of the innovation-focused tech agency.

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