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Consistently ranked one of the world’s best business schools, UNC Kenan-Flagler is known for renowned faculty, extraordinary learning experiences, and innovative research.

However, their students were finding themselves increasingly anxious, stressed, and disengaged. UNC Kenan-Flagler reached out to Darkroom to find a solution.

Darkroom came up with Spark, an online experience that welcomes newly admitted students to Kenan-Flagler, orients them to relevant information, and learns about their needs. 

The data gathered from Spark allowed Kenan-Flagler to design a series of workshops for the incoming 400 students. The faculty was able to deliver experiences that were personal, relevant, and meaningful.

Rather than reinforcing the disconnect that exists between higher educational institutions and the technological state of affairs, Spark was able to deliver a fresh experience to the students that paralleled the technological innovations they’d grown up with and which permeate their day-to-day life—a frictionless, instantly responsive digital experience.

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"Darkroom’s own tool, Spark, created for the University of North Carolina, personalizes the student onboarding experience—making it easier for students to locate helpful information relevant to their character traits, academic interests, and career goals."


"Darkroom didn’t just come in and offer a technical solution. They were a true partner in that they took our idea, ran with it, and came up with something that’s so much greater and more comprehensive than what we originally envisioned." -Shimul Melwani, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

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